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Image: Ten Essentials Illustrations

Task: Create of a series of 10 illustrations on a topic of your choosing.

Design Software: Adobe Illustrator

Time Frame: August-September 2018

Course: Image

Summary: Ideation, Sketching, Image Trace, and Color


The project began with ideation through mind maps and sketching. After going through several ideas and getting peer feedback, I settled on my topic of the "ten essentials". These ten items (first aid, shelter, fire, navigation, water, food, jacket, flashlight, knife/tool, and sun protection) are key to bring when in the outdoors. I love to spend time backpacking and hiking, so this topic is also of personal interest.

In the next stage, I created ten final sketches and brought them into Illustrator. I used image trace to convert the pixelated sketches into vectors. I then did a number of smaller touch-ups to clean up lines.

Finally, I explored color schemes and various backgrounds using live paint. I settled on an earthy palette to reflect the theme of nature, and monochromatic backgrounds to give the images a bit of visual pop.

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