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Image: Design Challenge 5

Task: Create a 6 minute video which relies on both original and appropriated (downloaded) footage

Design Software: Adobe Premiere Pro

Time Frame: November 2018

Course: Image

Group Members: Joshua Achorn and Rem Lindenau

We decided to re-make the trailer of the horror movie, The Purge. By inserting our own video into the existing footage, we intended to mock the horror genre and create a comedic effect. Below is our shot list and storyboard.

The project required each group member to film and edit an individual video. Then, we took the best parts of each to create a final video. My individual video is to the left.

The main editing that I did was the addition of glitch effects to maintain the general look and feel of the trailer. The trailer has lots of jump cuts, so my segments flow well with the existing video.

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