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Image: Design Challenge 2

Task: 3 images of yourself and 3 of another person which represent who you/they are

Design Software: Adobe Lightroom Classic CC

Camera: Canon EOS 70D

Time Frame: September-October 2018

Course: Image

The project began with ideation to answer the question of "Who I/you am/are?" through photography. I interviewed myself and my friend, Jack. This consisted of asking questions like: "what do you enjoy", "what do you value", and "what do you hope to be" in order to develop an understanding of the person. Jack is one of my closest friends so we know each other well and the brainstorming quickly evolved into idea generation for images we could craft. I searched online and found various examples of inspiration for my own shoot.

I decided to focus on fitness, outdoors, and curiosity for myself, and shoes, photography, and thrift-shopping for Jack. These are aspects or things we enjoy and believe to show off "who we are".

On our shoot, I played around with lighting, depth of field, angles, and shot locations. For instance, I decided to dress in my cycling gear and pose in front of black background for the fitness photo. This allowed me to edit a dark and ominous look in Lightroom. I believe this portrays the hard work and determination required to stay in shape.


Jack loves to go thrift shopping so we went to Goodwill and I had him pose in the clothing racks. I decided to use gray-scale in order to "hide" him in the clothes. Then, when the viewer's eyes finally find their way to his face, they are greeted with a smile.

The contact sheet from the shoot is available to download below.


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