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Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Hey there! Glad you made it to my blog. I will be posting gear recommendations, advice, trip reports, reviews, and anything else that I deem worthy of sharing.

If you haven't already seen it, be sure to check out the backcountry skiing guide that I wrote. Go to the home page, enter your name & email in the form at the top, and then you'll get free access to it. In the 25 page guide, you'll find everything from the first steps to take as a beginner, where to go, groups to join, mapping software, gear recommendations, and a whole lot more!

I created this guide to give back to the backcountry community that has given me so much, and play a role, albeit small, in breaking down barriers to entry for the sport. If you're new to the whole backcountry thing, I hope it's a great starting point. If you're a bit more experienced, I still think you'd get a lot out of giving it a read!

If you'd like to chat directly with me about what ski gear would be the best for you, then get in touch with me through Curated. Curated is a gear sales websites where you can chat with verified experts for gear advice. I earn money based on commission and tips, but I have no brand incentive so it's all about find you the best equipment for your exact needs!

A bit about me:

I’m a 25 year old guy living in Boulder, Colorado. I’ve been backcountry skiing in Colorado for roughly the past 10 years, and resort skiing since I could walk. I have completed AIARE 1, AIARE Rescue Course, and AIARE 2. I regularly ski 50+ days per season and split my ski days about half and half between resorts and backcountry.

I wish that cool flame helmet still fit me...

I’ve done some cool (in my humble opinion) adventures including summiting Mount Rainier and skiing from Camp Muir, skiing couloirs off Buffalo Mountain, skiing couloirs in Rocky Mountain National Park, and countless other tours around the state. Sounds like I’m a professional big mountain skier and guide, right? Uh, nope! Plenty of others (maybe even you reading this) have done leagues more than me. I’m just a skier with some experience who wants to share advice.

Couloir skiing above Emerald Lake, RMNP, CO

You can check out some of my adventures on Instagram. I know it’s nothing extreme or professional, but I like to edit and post so that I can have a bit of a personal skiing diary of my experiences in the mountains (and just life in general).

If you’d like to connect in a professional manner (I love to network!) then feel free to reach out via email ( or send me a connection request via LinkedIn.

With that, enjoy the blog, pray for snow, and I'll see you on the slopes!

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04 nov 2023

Keep it up, man. This kind of info and content is still needed in the scene

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Henry Kvietok
Henry Kvietok
10 nov 2023
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