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Shoulder Saver (Padded Ski Strap)

Materials: Polyurethane Foam, EVA Foam, Hook and Loop Fabric

Manufacturing: Cut and Sew, Foam Cutter, Sublimation Printing

Design Software: Solidworks, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

Time Frame: April 2016- Present

I created this product to serve two purposes: secure skis together and provide comfort when carrying skis on your shoulder. It features a velcro strap and a removable foam pad. I have a provisional/pending patent for this device (Application #62/494,693).


The project began with market research to determine the economic feasibility of such a device. After materials research, several designs were sketched out and made into prototypes. User testing was then conducted at Loveland Ski Resort and Colorado Ski and Golf. Once the ultimate design was chosen, a final prototype was fabricated. 


After further design refining, I am now working on selling completed units. To learn more, check out the product website.

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