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Object: Lab 1

Task: Construct 2 basic circuits (series and parallel), a custom switch, and a custom enclosure

Time Frame: September 2019

Course: Object

I began the lab with drawing out the schematics and calculating the appropriate resistor values for the circuits. Then, I constructed the circuits on the breadboard. This required a bit of trial and error as I am new to physical computing, but I figured it out eventually!

The circuit begins with the barrel jack which takes in 9V, then it passes to the voltage regulator which takes it down to 5V for the circuit. Then, it connects to the switch followed by the resistors, LEDs, and finally ground. The voltage regulator and barrel jack are also grounded.

For the custom switch, I decided to use copper tape as the conductive medium for the wires to interact with. I wanted to make something funny and playful, so for my enclosure I made a "Robot Dude". When the user presses the wire (Robo-Dude's arm) to the copper tape (mustache) then his eyes light up.

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