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Object: Lab 5

Task: 1) Use an H-bridge to drive a DC motor and 2) drive a stepper motor with an H-bridge

Time Frame: November 2019

Course: Object

The first part of the lab was use and H-bridge to drive a DC motor. This was relatively straightforward and involved lots of wire hookups. The video to the left shows the motor changing from clockwise to counter clockwise and vice versa. I used a breakout board switch to achieve this.

The second part of the lab was driving a stepper motor with an H bridge. This required more hookups but eventually I got it functioning. The video shows the motor going around 360 degrees in one direction, pausing, and then making another full revolution in the other direction.

The code for part 1 is on the bottom left and the code for part 2 is on the bottom right. The schematics for both parts are in the gallery to the left.

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