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Object: Lab 3

Task: Construct a variable input & output circuit and a tone output circuit. Also, create a laser cut sensor box.

Time Frame: September-October 2019

Course: Object

Partner: Michael Morris

The first part of the lab was creating several circuits with analog inputs and outputs. We used one potentiometer and one knob. As seen in the code below on the top right, the input values are mapped to two different LEDs. The video demonstrates the LEDs changing in brightness as the input values change.

The second part of the lab was building a tone output circuit. The circuit was built with two photocells and a speaker. The photocell values are read in and mapped to a frequency for the speaker. Then, the speaker plays using tone(). The video demonstrates this function (volume up!). The code for this part is below on the top left.

The final part of the lab was to create a sensor box using 2 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs. We decided to make a black tie themed box with a green LED and a speaker. The potentiometer controls the speaker and the sound sensor controls the LED. This offers a fun and playful interaction for the user. The pictures and video show the process and the final result. The code for the sensor box is below on the bottom left.

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