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Object: Lab 2

Task: Construct a digital I/O circuit and 2 soldered breakout boards

Time Frame: September 2019

Course: Object

I began the lab with drawing out the schematics and calculating the appropriate resistor values for the circuits. Then, I constructed the digital I/O circuits on the breadboard. The circuits are essentially 2 LEDS and 2 switches set up with large resistors.


Then, I created the Arduino code (see bottom of page) which can tell whether the switches are open or closed. As seen in the video, different switch combinations lead to different lights being on. If the top switch is on, then both LEDS light up. If the bottom switch is on, then the red LED is on. Then, if both switches are on then the yellow LED is on.

After building these inputs and outputs on the breadboard, I constructed them on the breakout boards. To solder them I twisted the wires and then applied a bit of solder (see progress photo). Finally, after testing the breakout boards, I sealed them in hot glue for increased durability. The video shows the breakout boards working together with Arduino code.

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