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Avalanche Beacon Concept

Design Software: Rhino, Fusion 360, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator

Time Frame: October 2018

After brainstorming some potential ideas, I narrowed down to a futuristic avalanche beacon. I love to backcountry ski, so I thought it would be neat to conceptualize a beacon. Today's beacons are used by backcountry skiers to find another skier wearing a beacon who is buried during an avalanche. I wanted to make my beacon useful before an avalanche by implementing a camera and screen that allows you to preview avalanche danger. I imagine that it would take into account data like temperature, recent snowfall, and slope angle to create an overlay for slopes.

My design for the beacon started out as more curved and ergonomic to a human hand; however, I realized that I wanted to maximize the screen space for viewing so I transitioned to a more rectangular design. Some critiques brought up the point that a slimmer design did not convey the "ruggedness" that a beacon should have. So, I decided to model a design that was thicker and more similar to a durable phone case. 

After modeling in Rhino and rendering in Fusion 360, I created my final shots using Photoshop and Illustrator. The last step was to add some simple branding ("Avy View"). I feel that this font choice portrays the durable, yet futuristic, nature of my beacon design.

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