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Furniture Design

Design Software: Rhino and Fusion 360

Time Frame: August-September 2018

I started by exploring various different kinds of furniture. I thought about what chairs I enjoy sitting in, and also what kinds of furniture I enjoy looking at. I narrowed down my brainstorms to a family of narrow arms with sharp, geometric angles. The furniture will have gray fabric, light wood, and matte gray aluminum. I like the clean lines and simple aesthetic.

In-class critiques illuminated the fact that my furniture may not balance in real life because some of the bases were smaller than the tops. So, I added a small, ski-like extension to the back of the chair, couch, and shelf. This adds to the structural integrity while maintaining the original theme. I am glad the critiques brought up this point because people will shy away from using furniture that looks unstable, no matter how visually appealing the design may seem.

Then, I modeled the furniture set in Rhino along with a basic living room scene. Afterwards, I brought the designs into Fusion 360 for rendering. I rendered several different layouts and views to showcase different aspects of the design.

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