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Form: Connector

Task: Design and fabricate a range of 3D printed connectors for an everyday object

Design Software: Rhino

Time Frame: November 2018

Course: Form

For my everyday object, I chose pencils. I knew I wanted to make some sort of 3D structure, so I sketched out some various ideas. I decided to focus on the "tree" structure.

The connectors were fairly simple to design, but they required various changes in order to fit the pencils well for a push fit. There is also the issue of tolerance on 3D printers to overcome. This was a difficult part of fabrication but eventually the tree shape was realized.

While the tree shape was my goal, the connectors allow for quite a bit of freedom in assembly. It could perhaps form a molecular shape or even a cube. In this sense, the project reminded me of toys and creative playfulness.

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