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Air Quality Light Sculpture

Materials: Steel, PDLC Foils (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Display), Particle Photon, Relay Modules, Electrical Wiring

Manufacturing: Welding, Soldering

Design Software: Solidworks, Onshape

Time Frame: January 2018 - May 2018

Team Members: Olivia Andre, Sydney Crowe, Labon Hillberry, Harrison Bolin, Jack Carver, Meghan Pfeifer, Justin Paige

Client: Ken Bernstein

Professor: Nikolaus Correll

Course: First-Year Engineering Projects (GEEN 1400)

For my engineering projects class, we worked with a local artist to prototype a lighted sculpture that takes air quality data from the internet and displays it using PDLC foils and LEDs. There is pre-existing air quality data available online, but we wanted to make it accessible to the public via a visual display.


Our client approached us with only the aesthetic design, and he wanted us to determine the technical feasibility of such a project. After several stages of prototyping and design changes, we were able to give our client a functioning prototype.


The sculpture will be further engineered, scaled up, and later installed in the city of Boulder. To read more about our project, click here.

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