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Collapsible Disc Golf Catcher

Materials: Plywood, Aluminum Chain, Galvanized Pipe, Metal Hardware 

Manufacturing: Standard Hand Tools

Time Frame: January 2013- August 2013

This device was made for my Eagle Scout Project. The beneficiary school needed disc golf catchers for their gym program, but they were tight on space and regular catchers took up too much room. So, I designed a system where the top chains, middle basket, and bottom base are all easily removable. I have a provisional/pending patent for the design (Application #61/965,898). 


The project involved sketching, prototyping, and testing of various ideas for how exactly the catcher will be collapsible. Then, by soliciting local stores, I fundraised over $500 to pay for the entire project. I recruited a group of scouts from my troop and led them to construct and paint five disc golf catchers over the course of two work days.

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