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Bear Canister - Cooking Pot Combination

Design Software: Onshape, Keyshot, Procreate, and Photoshop

Time Frame: Fall 2020

Two of the main issues with backpacking are weight and space. Backpackers will go to great lengths to reduce the amount and size of things they need to carry. After all, it is much more enjoyable to hike with a lighter and smaller backpack! To address these concerns, I developed a bear canister - cooking pot combination.

Bear canisters keep your food safe from bears and they are required in many outdoor recreation areas. Cooking pots are also a standard piece of gear for backpackers and they take up a lot of space. My concept uses the pot as one end of the bear canister. This cuts the weight in half for the bear canister.

The pot could then be used with a handle that either screws or clamps onto the edge. After cooking, everything could be reattached and safely stored away from bears.

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