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Adjustable Avalanche Probe

Design Software: Onshape, Keyshot, Procreate, and Photoshop

Time Frame: Fall 2020

Avalanche probes are used to find buried victims underneath the snow. They generally come in lengths ranging from 200-400 cm. Longer probes are generally used in a deeper maritime snowpack whereas shorter probes are ideal for a shallower continental snowpack. I wanted to design a probe that could be used in all scenarios- one which could be easily lengthened or shortened by adding/removing sections. 

When the user only uses a few sections of the probe, the extra wire is wound up in the handle. When they want to lengthen the probe, the handle comes apart and the wire can be fed through the extra sections. This is useful because you no longer need to have entirely separate probes for different snowpack levels. 

The probe is designed with industry standard 45 cm aluminum segments. This allows the user to customize the length of their probe to 180, 225, 270, 315, or 360 cm (4 segments up to 8 segments). 

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